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January 3, 2008


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A wonderful and happy 2008 to everyone and of course, we wish you many exciting trips, rides and new discoveries.


And check out this MTBGuru-calendar (pdf) – that’ll let you plan your rides. Granted, it’s a bit SF Bay Area-centric, but hey, that’s where we do most of our riding, and we shot these pics.

MTBGuru 2008 calendar

Looking at these photos, and looking back at the year, it seems this was the year of Henry Coe to me (Jan, Feb, Mar, Aug, Dec pics); indeed, I never get tired of it, it’s an amazing and inspiring place, with plenty of rough, unpolished and epic riding potential.

Other personal highlights were dream rides in Chamonix and Sedona, the local delights of Demo Forest, Annadel, Tamarancho, Santa Teresa and the great riding in Auburn and Tahoe. And I won’t forget my first attempt at the E100 in Park City any time soon either. I hear the Park City singletrack calling my name again already. A final mention goes to Arastradero, as I could and can ride to it from work, and enjoyed many a training ride and jump session there, some together with interns dragged along from work.

Cheers to all our riding buddies throughout the year for sharing the fun and may 2008 bring more goodness to everyone.

December 25, 2007

Map links

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A happy holiday to everyone! No white christmas here in the San Francisco Bay Area; though it’s rather chilly, it actually looks like we have perfect mtb conditions (forecast is sunny, trails are tacky-dry).

MTBGuru’s Santa brought some Virtual Earth / Live Maps support as mentioned in the previous post. To view your trip there, you can follow the link that we’ve put underneath the trip map.

We’ve actually brought a number of links together in that spot (‘map links’), so you have all the trip essentials in one space without need for searching or scrolling: links to the GPX and KML files (for download, or to open in Google Earth), the link to Virtual Earth and the one to Google Maps:

Map links

Virtual Earth / Live Maps

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Google is of course not the only game in town – Microsoft’s Live Maps and Virtual Earth have made a lot of progress. The latter will even run in 3D from within your browser; only on Windows PC’s though.

Virtual Earth features some nice 3D models (for instance, the Golden Gate bridge, see the example and comparison with GE below) and the fact that it runs in the browser (IE and Firefox) is compelling, though I still prefer the user experience and overall feel of Google Earth (and the vast amount of content available in the latter).

Thanks to the fact that Live Maps/Virtual Earth have recently started to support the KML format, we’ve implemented a way to view your MTBGuru trips in them: look for the links to Virtual Earth right underneath the trip map and in the ‘Share your trip’ section.

VE Golden Gate
Golden Gate bridge and Marin Headlands in Virtual Earth

GE Golden Gate
Golden Gate bridge and Marin Headlands in Google Earth
December 13, 2007

New ‘Terrain’ on the map

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You may have noticed the new ‘Terrain’ feature on the trip and home maps. Under this name Google Maps is now serving pretty cool looking shaded relief maps displaying physical features. This has also become available through their maps API, so we’ve enabled it on MTBGuru: now you have yet another way to visualize your trips!

As an example, this is how an Amasa Back ride in Moab looks like in ‘Terrain’ mode:

‘Terrain’ screenshot on MTBGuru.com

November 21, 2007


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Here in Northern California it looks like the Thanksgiving weekend will bring primo conditions for riding, hiking and other outdoor endeavours: the October rains nicely wiped most of the dust off the trails, and look at this weather forecast for San Jose:
There’s hardly any snow in the Sierra’s now, so while the skier and boarder in us needs to exercise some patience, it also means it’s still a big riding, hiking or climbing playground out there, to be enjoyed while possible.

It may feel like late summer here, but elsewhere other seasons have definitely set in: check for instance this this geocaching trip in Hungary on MTBGuru and its gorgeous winter-wonderland like quality:
Hungary snow
Places in Europe near the Mediterranean on the other hand seem to enjoy eternal spring – so it appears looking at the pics of this MTB event in Portugal:
Fact is it is late fall on the northern hemisphere – see how that looks like in the Canyonlands in Utah, on these nice pics another user shot during a hiking trip:

It’s always great to discover new territory, and seeing these trips, photos and reports from all over the world appear on the site is a real treat. Thanks (yes, it’s almost Thanksgiving here in the US ;) ), and keep ‘m coming.

And of course: a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

September 25, 2007

More ways to look at your trips

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When you create trips on MTBGuru, GPX and KML files are being generated and available for download through links in the sidebar. You can for instance configure your browser so that it automatically opens the KML file in Google Earth when you click it.

But KML files can also be read by Google Maps. That’s why we’ve added some links on the trip page that allow you to view your trips directly in Maps: one in the ‘Share your Trip’ section and one below the main map called ‘Large map’, which, as the name indicates, opens up a large map with your track on it in a separate browser tab – see screenshot below. This is useful for those cases when you want to have a full screen map view of your trip without any other clutter. This will only work for public trips.


Follow the ‘Large Map’ link underneath the map on the trip page and you get:

Large map

September 17, 2007

Meanwhile, in the French Alps

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Earlier this summer I had the priviledge to go check out and ride some amazing trails in Chamonix.
Meanwhile, some MTBGuru users have posting a large number of great looking routes and trails in the French Alps – if you have the chance, point your map to the Alpes and go check them out.

For instance, this route connecting Chamonix and Morzine by Gareth from Endlessride, amongst many others mainly in the Morzine area. You can even hire him as your guide, check his site and blog.

Phil and Emma are another pair of English natives that are guiding in the Alps (mostly in the Massif des Ecrins) – check out for instance this hiking trip in Val d’Escreins, as well as their site, Alpine Break.

The summer is almost over, but there’s probably still time to do some these rides or hikes (before the snow falls), if you’d be in the area.


August 26, 2007

Server outage

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We’re experiencing a server problem – this is a quick note to let you know that we’re working to get everything running again – please bear with us…


This turned out to be an upstream issue – i.e. pretty much out of our control. Thousands of other sites were affected as well – if you’re interested in the details, read here. Things seem to be working again now – our apologies for the inconvenience.

August 8, 2007

Link to trip page on embedded map

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We’ve added a link to the trip page in the embed code that you can use to publish a map on your own site. See screenshot below – ‘Trip details’ will redirect you to the actual trip page.


July 13, 2007

Death Ride, Downieville Classic

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A busy weekend is coming up here in Northern California: the Tour of the California Alps, aka the Death Ride, is starting tomorrow morning early in Markleeville. A bit later and a hundred miles from it the Downieville Classic mountain bike race will be on. Two great events to look forward to.

Last year’s Death Ride course (same as this year’s) is shown below. Check out the trip page for GPS or KML data of the ride!

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