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November 30, 2006

Picture upload

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We had a temporary glitch in our picture upload feature this afternoon – our apologies for the inconvenience!
Everything should be working well again now.
Note that when you upload pictures, you’ll see a line on the trip page saying ‘New pictures are currently being processed’ – this should normally only take a minute or two to complete (depending on the amount of pictures) – when you then reload the page you’ll see a thumnail gallery of your uploaded photos.

November 23, 2006


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Google’s pushpins (the balloon icons) are nice and so but we got a bit tired of them. So they’ve been replaced with something better: the map is now featuring icons indicating the type of activity and a colored circle (green, blue or red) that tells you whether the trip is public, yours or pivate. Some examples:

a mountain bike trip created by you

a private (i.e. not readable by the public) run

Now when you’re not zoomed in very much and you’re in area that has a lot of trips, things are starting to look very busy and messy (this was of course also true with the old pushpins) – we’re aware that this is a problem and that this will get worse so we’re working on a method to groups trips together when they’re in close proximity at a given zoom level on the map.

You may also notice another tab on this blog: ‘Known issues’ – here we’d like to keep you up to date with some known bugs or issues we’re aware of and/or are currently working on.

November 19, 2006

Almost there…

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We’ve started to demo the site to some more people and friends… though everything is not yet 100% working or looking as we’d like, we think we’re almost ready for v1.0!

November 7, 2006

More changes

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We’re currently feverishly implementing various changes in both design and functionality, to get ready for launch. The database is all set and stable though, so the 80-something trips in it are still there to browse for you.

October 2, 2006

GPX download

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The latest major update/change is the feature to download a GPX-file from any public trip. In the sidebar you’ll now see a line item saying ‘Download GPX file’, see for instance here.
This sounds like a simple thing but it required creating our own GPX generator. You may also start seeing some changes and experiments with the layout – ongoing CSS work!

September 21, 2006

Name change!

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One of the benefits of not having ‘officially’ launched yet: it’s easy to change things on the fly. We just altered the name of the site from Ridecast to MTBGuru, and all Ridecast references and logos have been adjusted.

Why? Well, the large majority of current rides on the site are MTB rides; we want to keep things simple and focus in the beginning on one thing, in order not to dilute our concentration and effort. We’ve always seen the site as having potential for much more than just mountain biking and we still do, but in the end it’s better to start small, be consistent, build something up and then grow. That being said, we encourage everyone to upload whatever rides or trips they undertake, be it MTB rides, road rides, hikes, motorcycle rides etcetera. This change is really just a nomenclature thing and an effort to be self-consistent. Ridecast.com still redirects to mtbguru.com but we’ll reserve the name ‘Ridecast’ for more encompassing use.

September 13, 2006

Marching along

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A lot has been going on the last couple of weeks, but you haven’t seen much activity here. There are a number of reasons for that:

First, we’re quite busy generating content and debugging and developing the site. Concerning the latter, we still have significant work to do. Also, our internal feature request and to-do lists still remain quite impressive.

But in addition to that, for the time being we choose to keep things low profile and try to grow more or less ‘organically’. Right now, only a few people (friends and coworkers) know of and have been using and testing the site. We have done zero marketing so far and Google has only just started to index things. As soon as the site is really functional and is looking good, we’ll have a real launch. Meanwhile, there is work to do.

September 3, 2006

Welcome to the Ridecast blog

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With this weblog we intend to keep you informed on the latest Ridecast news. We also set up forums where you can leave feedback, ask questions and interact with other users.
We still have a lot of work to do before the site works and looks as we would like it to do, but the core is there and we’ll keep you posted on our progress here.

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