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March 9, 2011

White stuff

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Everything has its price, so in order to restore the karmic balance of the universe we got to pay (a bit) for the early February summer by a series of ‘storms’.
‘Storms’ and not storms, as here in California these are still very relative concepts. Either way, it resulted in some nice white fluffy stuff in the hills, both close to home, and on mountains farther away.

Sierra snow

Of course the white stuff lends itself nicely to various fun activities, for both the young and not-so-young-anymore. Hitting up a deserted, ‘ghost’ ski resort in the Sierras for some showshoeing was certainly a highlight. But one can also nicely play in it with a bike.

Snow CX ride

Soda Springs snow

It doesn’t happen too often I can ride to it from home and be done and back before lunchtime.

Meh. Hope this sign and gate will disappear some time soon. It is a shame.

Meanwhile, things – and temperatures – are back to normal and the snow is retreating again.

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