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September 10, 2010

To race or not to race

Filed under: Riding and racing — mtbguru @ 8:46 am

For some reason I haven’t been much into racing this year, but the upcoming weekend there seems to be a perfect storm of events gathering:

Annadel XC Challenge, Tahoe-Sierra 100, Great Tahoe Flume Race, Folsom Cyclebration, Big Kahuna, Pacific Grove Tri, Fremont Peak hillclimb

The Annadel and Tahoe Flume races are particularly interesting because it’s the first time since the Ancient Times that a mountain bike race is being held in these great venues (ok, make that a decade or so), and it’s a great thing for the parks and the community to see this happen. With the weekend approaching, my ‘embarras de choix’ gets bigger and bigger but ultimately will sort itself out since due to my procrastination I’m slipping most of the signup deadlines. Which is okay, since as I mentioned, for some reason I’m not feeling particularly motivated to race this year – I do have something else, bigger in mind, but that is staying under cloak for a while.

I was initially planning to do the Big Kahuna as a relay with my co-worker but unfortunately he suffered a stress fracture. The Fremont Peak thing looks like an interesting new format to try out, but I’m still feeling the remnants of undiluted suffering that a genuine climbing TT inflicts (OLH, yesterday), so we’ll see…

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