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January 28, 2010

MTB event calendars

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We’re already a month underway and I still need to figure out which races I want to do in 2010 – not that I really need to do any, but they’re sometimes too much fun to pass on. Alas, there is so much out there, and so little time – which I guess is a good thing. As I tend to forget the various calendar url’s and sites, below is a list of links, mostly for my own reference (hence a bit of a Norcal bias) – but they could be of general usefulness…

Very nice (Rails-based) community-based calendar site, covering a huge amount of events, pretty much everywhere.

Excellent site focusing on Northern California events

Very useful US based race calendar site – nice thing is it also contains road races and e.g. xc ski events.

Another good one…

The National Ultra Endurance (NUE) series of 100 milers.

USA Cycling calendar

Also, the ultra racing forum on bikepacking.net is something to keep an eye on, there are some amazing rides being staged – the new, awesome and particulary grueling looking Arizona Trail race comes to mind!

My plan? To do a bunch of local events (e.g. Sea Otter, CCCX, Coe), a still-to-be-decided 100 miler, throw in some tri, xterra or road events for good measure and I’d love to do a bikepacking event as well, but we’ll see how far I get – so much to do, so little time…

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