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July 14, 2009

Summer update

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This past weekend, there was a perfect storm of familiar cycling events in my backyard taking place: the Downieville Classic, the Death Ride, the Cascade Cream Puff, the San Francisco triathlon (ok this involves some swimming and running as well), all on the same day. Meanwhile, the Breck Epic hardly ended, the last Tour Divide racers are wrapping up their incredible adventure and of course there is a certain race going on in France. It must be summer!

All this action was inspiring enough for me to kick the blog out of its lethargic comatose state, so be prepared for some new and good stuff!

Some housekeeping info: the canyonfever domain has been temporarily retired until I find a better purpose for it, and announcements and updates related to the more nuts and bolts stuff of MTBGuru.com will be posted using our brand spanking new Twitter account. Follow us there to keep posted on what’s up with the site. All this means I’ll be posting here more about riding, yay!



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