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December 3, 2008

Comment feeds

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We’ve recently added comment feeds so that you can more easily keep track of comment threads posted on your (public) trips, using the tool of your choice (e.g. Reader, Bloglines or desktop RSS readers like Newsgator).

To access the feed, go to your ‘My Trips’ page (using the sidebar link) and you’ll find a blue feed icon and link to the feed, see screenshot below:

Comment feed link

Use this link to subscribe to the feed in your reader of choice. Firefox or Safar render feeds pretty well too (see screenshot below), so you can alternatively just stick with the browser. The feed (Atom / RSS) contains all comments left on your public trip pages.

Feed screenshot

3 Responses to “Comment feeds”

  1. abatoTene Says:

    friend has given the link has not regretted that has come

  2. Konamon Says:

    Hey –

    So, how is MTB Guru doing? Have you picked up lots of registrations?

    Just wondering. I had forgotten about how easy/cool/smart this website is… and I was just wondering if your business really ever took-off.


  3. mtbguru Says:

    Hey Konamon,
    We’re still sailing on – about 10000 uploads so far. We consider it more as a labor of love (and spare free time) than a business these days, but you never know. We still have day jobs so it’s hard to invest a lot of time in new features; we have a large list with ideas though ;) .

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