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November 19, 2008

View or print (large) maps

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We’ve added a section on the trip page containing a set of links that will lead you to separate pages showing only the map, in a number of different screen resolutions and map types (see screenshot below). This allows you to ‘set your map free’; useful in cases where you’d like to have more screen real estate to zoom in and view your track in greater detail, or when you want to print* out a map with the track on, but without all the other stuff on the page in your way.


An example:


*Note that the track won’t print properly when using Firefox – it does so however with Internet Explorer and Safari – I won’t bore you with the obscure technical reasons for this, but let me point out that even Google itself applies a rather ugly hack/workaround for this issue (printing tracks/polylines overlayed on maps in Firefox): they run a server that converts everything into bitmaps and serve up the latter when a print request is made. If you do use Firefox and want to print, my best advice is to use the Prtscr button or other screen capture utility, copy and paste the result in an application from which you can print (e.g. Powerpoint or OpenOffice)

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