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June 7, 2008

What’s new

Filed under: Admin,General MTBGuru stuff — mtbguru @ 12:38 am

Time to get the blog out of hibernation! We’ve been silently making upgrades, adding new features to the site and testing them out, and there was not much time left to write about it here.

More about that below, but first a service announcement: I’ve created a new home for the more bike and riding oriented stuff I want to write about (and did so here in the past); it’s called Canyon Fever, go check it out.
This place (blog.mtbguru.com) will then be focused on MTBGuru.com support and announcements.

So here’s a quick recap on what’s new on the site, and I plan to elaborate on some of this in subsequent posts…

  • Google Earth in the browser
  • Google recently released a browser plugin as well as an API that enables us to run Google Earth within the browser (only Firefox and IE on Windows are supported at this time).

  • MTBGuru for Mobile
  • We’ve been getting quite excited about the possibilities the latest generation of mobile devices offer (iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia’s NSeries); this is a work in progress, more to follow!

  • Integration of the Garmin’s Communicator browser plugin
  • This allows you to automatically download or upload data from your Garmin devices, rather than by transferring the .GPX files.

  • Support for Garmin’s Training Center format
  • This format is required to upload course files to the Garmin Edge and Forerunner series, which become increasingly popular for biking and running activities; so we made a little exception on our .GPX/.KML centric policy.