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January 3, 2008


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A wonderful and happy 2008 to everyone and of course, we wish you many exciting trips, rides and new discoveries.


And check out this MTBGuru-calendar (pdf) – that’ll let you plan your rides. Granted, it’s a bit SF Bay Area-centric, but hey, that’s where we do most of our riding, and we shot these pics.

MTBGuru 2008 calendar

Looking at these photos, and looking back at the year, it seems this was the year of Henry Coe to me (Jan, Feb, Mar, Aug, Dec pics); indeed, I never get tired of it, it’s an amazing and inspiring place, with plenty of rough, unpolished and epic riding potential.

Other personal highlights were dream rides in Chamonix and Sedona, the local delights of Demo Forest, Annadel, Tamarancho, Santa Teresa and the great riding in Auburn and Tahoe. And I won’t forget my first attempt at the E100 in Park City any time soon either. I hear the Park City singletrack calling my name again already. A final mention goes to Arastradero, as I could and can ride to it from work, and enjoyed many a training ride and jump session there, some together with interns dragged along from work.

Cheers to all our riding buddies throughout the year for sharing the fun and may 2008 bring more goodness to everyone.