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November 21, 2007


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Here in Northern California it looks like the Thanksgiving weekend will bring primo conditions for riding, hiking and other outdoor endeavours: the October rains nicely wiped most of the dust off the trails, and look at this weather forecast for San Jose:
There’s hardly any snow in the Sierra’s now, so while the skier and boarder in us needs to exercise some patience, it also means it’s still a big riding, hiking or climbing playground out there, to be enjoyed while possible.

It may feel like late summer here, but elsewhere other seasons have definitely set in: check for instance this this geocaching trip in Hungary on MTBGuru and its gorgeous winter-wonderland like quality:
Hungary snow
Places in Europe near the Mediterranean on the other hand seem to enjoy eternal spring – so it appears looking at the pics of this MTB event in Portugal:
Fact is it is late fall on the northern hemisphere – see how that looks like in the Canyonlands in Utah, on these nice pics another user shot during a hiking trip:

It’s always great to discover new territory, and seeing these trips, photos and reports from all over the world appear on the site is a real treat. Thanks (yes, it’s almost Thanksgiving here in the US ;) ), and keep ‘m coming.

And of course: a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. helio69 Says:

    Very nice website… And even better when we can see pictures from friends, here from portugal!


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