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October 30, 2007

Henry Coe Moonlight Madness

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Last friday there was a full moon and Halloween was approaching: it was time for some craziness.
Coe nightEnter the Henry Coe Moonlight Madness ride! Our plan was simple: leave at midnight, ride through the night on Coe’s best trails, arrive at the Hunting Hollow parking lot early in the morning, in time to greet the big MTBR gathering that would take place that saturday.

The full moon lit things up quite nicely but we had to make good use of our combination halogen (helmet) and HID/LED (bar) lights to make it through the night and the often eerie and dark descents in the remote wilderness (for Bay Area standards at least) that Coe is even during daylight.

coe dawn
We didn’t run into too much wildlife, except for some deer, and lots of toads on the trail. We got pretty beat by this ride and the often brutal climbs, and dawn came as a great relief. It re-energized us and inspired us to do a last tough climb (Serpentine) such that we could zip down the fantastic Middle Steer ridge descent. Stats: about 37 miles with +8000 feet ascent.

A month after the big fire Coe is recovering and still an awesome place to ride. Perhaps we should make this Moonlight Madness ride a tradition, every last full moon before Halloween…

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2 Responses to “Henry Coe Moonlight Madness”

  1. Matt Says:

    8,000-ft of climbing in 37-miles? Holy Cow that’s alot of climbing. How close is this to Livermore?

  2. MTBGuru Says:

    About 70 miles
    Henry Coe is IMO the best place for epic rides – of the ridiculously painful but greatly satisfying kind – in the Bay Area. The climbs are indeed steep, there is a lot of fireroad but if you know your way a bit there’s a wealth of singletrack gems to enjoy.
    If you ever plan to go and need a guide, send me a note, or post on the Norcal mtbr forum…

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