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September 25, 2007

More ways to look at your trips

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When you create trips on MTBGuru, GPX and KML files are being generated and available for download through links in the sidebar. You can for instance configure your browser so that it automatically opens the KML file in Google Earth when you click it.

But KML files can also be read by Google Maps. That’s why we’ve added some links on the trip page that allow you to view your trips directly in Maps: one in the ‘Share your Trip’ section and one below the main map called ‘Large map’, which, as the name indicates, opens up a large map with your track on it in a separate browser tab – see screenshot below. This is useful for those cases when you want to have a full screen map view of your trip without any other clutter. This will only work for public trips.


Follow the ‘Large Map’ link underneath the map on the trip page and you get:

Large map

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