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June 19, 2007


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This blog may have been taking a break lately, but we haven’t: we were for instance busy checking out the awesome trails near Chamonix in the French Alps! If you want to know more, check out this trip, or go visit Ian Mill’s 10fifty.com site (he’s been guiding for years in Chamonix) – if you need to rent a bike over there, go to the Zero G shop, they have excellent stuff (like the almost-new Stumpjumper I rented).

Meanwhile, it’s great to see that a lot of MTBGuru users have been quite busy themselves:

- The guys and gals from AIDSlifecycle.org, riding their bikes from San Francisco to Los Angeles, raising funds for the good cause along the way.

- Slow Way Around: the ‘Slow Travelers’, a couple from the UK, are undertaking a great bike/camping adventure throughout Europe.

- Lots of new and exciting looking routes from all over the world are being posted (for instance, the Scottish Highlands, in and around Calgary, down under in Australia, in France, etc).

This is all very inspiring and great to see – and sometimes a bit overwhelming: so many great trails and routes to explore, so little time!