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May 17, 2007

Bike to work

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Here in the US it’s Bike to Work week – today is Bike to Work Day in the San Francisco Bay Area and I’d say all bike geeks should bring out their GPS so they can analyze their commute! At our workplace we had awards for the longest commute, the earliest arrival, the most creative ‘alternative’ way of commuting etc.

This may all sound silly to people in many other parts of the world, who commute most of the time by bike or public transportation, but I’ve seen these events get bigger and more successful each year here in the US, so I can only applaud the organizers – just making drivers here more aware of the existence of cyclists on its own is a great feat.

Even stronger I applaud the organizers of the Bike Away from Work bash, tonight in Gordon Biersch in downtown San Jose, where you can celebrate your bike commute and the end of your work day with the appropriate beverages!

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2 Responses to “Bike to work”

  1. Corinne Winter Says:

    Thanks for joining us at the party! It was a lot of fun. I really enjoy organizing Bike to Work Day here in the South Bay–it’s really a lot of fun. So many great people to work with. This year we estimate that 25,000 people in Santa Clara County rode their bike on May 17th!

    The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition is working hard to keep motorists aware of cyclists. Bike to Work Day efforts are just the start of that. We’ll be hosting a Share the Road ride and press event next month in Palo Alto to highlight peaceful coexistence. There should be more info on our website soon.

  2. mtbguru Says:

    Thanks for swinging by and keep up the good work!

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