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March 6, 2007

GPX file Howtos

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A quick recap and list of useful links related to uploading and using GPX files on MTBGuru:

When you create trips on MTBGuru based on GPX files you’ve uploaded, the resulting trip pages may not always look the same:

  • We’re scanning the GPX file for tracks – lists of waypoints or routes are currently not supported. If the GPX file doesn’t contain at least one track, you won’t see a map on your trip page. Read more here

  • Most GPX files that originate from GPS units will contain elevation data, but this is not necessarily true – some GPS devices or software tools won’t save the elevation data in the file. Unless the latter is the case, you’ll see an elevation profile (elevation versus distance) on your trip page.

  • Not all GPX files will contain timing information – timing info is needed for the automatic photo geotagging to work, as well as to create the distance versus time and elevation versus time graphs. Most GPS units and loggers do allow you to save the timing info though, check your unit’s manual for more information or experiment with the settings.

More information and details on downloading GPX files from your GPS device are given in this blog post.

Alternatively, read this if you want to use GPX files you find on the site and upload them to your GPS to retrace the given trip.

Finally, here we describe how we treat multiple tracks in GPX files.

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  1. Tim Says:

    I’m not really into Mountain biking but I like biking anyway…
    I’m a geo-computer scientist and I’m looking for some gps tracks to process.
    I’m not quite sure, is it possible to download tracks from your site?

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