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February 17, 2007

Add video and audio to your trip page

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Did you know you can add video and audio clips to your trip page?

Check out for instance this trip, a hike to the summit of Mount Tyndall in California’s Sierra Nevada, where a Google Earth flyover movie was added to the trip description field (screenshot below).


MTBGuru isn’t hosting the video files but you can use material you’ve stored or found on YouTube or any other video sharing site that allows you to embed movies on external sites. Just copy the snippet of code these sites point you to and paste it in the trip description box. Here’s what such code looks like (in ‘Edit Description’ mode):

Embed edit

The same works for audio. If you want to add a tune to your trip page, share some footage or perhaps an entire podcast in which you describe your adventures, you can use web apps such as Podomatic to create the podcast or upload mp3 audio files, and then embed them on your trip page. As an exampe, check out this trip of mine, with some FunkyLondon sounds for increased enjyoment…
Of course, make sure you respect the terms of use of these sites and any applicable copyrights.

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