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February 13, 2007

New and better search

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We just deployed a brand new site search tool – you can find it in the sidebar where it is replacing the older Google site search form.

This search tool searches our database directly and will give you a complete and accurate set of results. The search results are summarized and marked up in a much more useful and appealing way – as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

Search screenshot

You can use it like you’d use any search engine but in addition there is a rich query language and syntax that is supported – our search tool is based on Ferret, a full text search utility in Ruby.

Some examples: you can use Boolean operators, such as AND, OR, NOT to compose your queries: ‘Demo AND NOT forest’ will for instance return results where the word ‘Demo’ is present but not followed by ‘forest’. Another example is the use of wildcards: a search for ‘Demo*’ will give you hits containing the word ‘Demo’ but also hits with words as ‘Demonstration’ or ‘Demographic’. And so on – check out this overview of the syntax.

Enjoy the search for new trips and rides!

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