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February 9, 2007

Big air mountain biking

Filed under: Riding and racing — mtbguru @ 5:13 pm

Here’s a good link to check out on a friday afternoon: Stefan Oberlander can do some amazing things on a bike. Check out this drop he’s doing, now that’s what you’d call getting air:

Stefan catching big air

See what happens next after the jump…

Stefan catching big air

(photo credits: Stefan Oberlander)

3 Responses to “Big air mountain biking”

  1. bikervic Says:

    thanks, I was fearing much worst!!!

  2. mtbguru Says:

    Yes, he ended up with a nice plush landing, and he didn’t even need lots of rear suspension for it!

  3. Big E Says:

    OMG! PHEW!!!!!!!

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