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February 2, 2007

Set up your home map

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It’s really cool to see people posting trips from all corners of the world: for instance Australia, Croatia, Taiwan, besides numerous states in the US.

When someone arrives on the site, be it a registered user or not, we use services like HostIP and GeoIP to try to figure out where she or he is coming from, in order to center the home page’s map this visitor will see on this location. These services essentially consist of databases relating IP addresses to geographic locations.

Instead of some default location the main map will initially zoom in and center on an area which is most likely the area of interest to this person. Unfortunately, the databases are not 100% accurate; also, there are cases where you’ll be using a different IP address that may alter this location – for instance when you’re using public WiFi or when you’re traveling.

To overcome these issues, we’ve now implemented a feature that allows you to control and set your home map’s initial location. Look for the two buttons on the right top corner of the map, just below the ‘Hybrid’ button (screenshot below):

  • Set Home: click on this button to set your home location to the current view of the map.
  • To Home: click on this button and the map will move back from wherever you’re at to the home location you’ve set.


So in case you’re not happy with the map you see when you log in or land on the site, you can now navigate (zoom/pan) to an area that you’d like to have as your home map and use the ‘Set Home’ button to save this view. This setting overrules the GeoIP detection.

We use cookies to do this, so you’ll need to have these enabled in your browser – the only thing they’ll do is store a map coordinate on your computer so your browser knows where to point your home map. And of course, we’re not sharing any of this information with anyone, we are strongly committed to ensure the privacy of our users, as we state in our privacy policy.

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