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January 23, 2007

Comments and comment notification

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When you create a trip on MTBGuru, you can enable other users to add comments by adjusting the ‘Trip Settings’ in the sidebar (see screenshot below):


Click ‘Change’, then switch the ‘Allow Comments’ field to ‘Everybody’.
By default, comments are enabled but only registered users of MTBGuru can leave comments, in order to avoid comment spam.

If a trip is public, also its comments will be visible for anyone visiting the site.

You can get notified by e-mail when someone left a comment on one of your trips by our ‘Comment Notification’ feature. Go to ‘User Settings’ (sidebar), and you’ll find the ‘New Comments Notification’ field (screenshot below):


There are three settings. ‘Never’, in case you don’t ever want to receive a notification e-mail, ‘Immediately’, so you’ll receive an e-mail for every new comment that gets posted on one of your trips, and ‘Max. once per day’, then you’ll receive at most one notification e-mail per day. The latter is the default setting.

Leaving comments works pretty much like leaving comments on blogs – you can use html tags to insert hyperlinks etc. Moreover, we also support Textile, a very simple and elegant text markup language. More about that in a later blog post.
Finally, trip owners have of course the ability to delete comments on their trip.

Update 6/19/07: There seems to be a bug at work preventing deletion of comments – we’ll try to fix this asap.

3 Responses to “Comments and comment notification”

  1. alex Says:

    hi nice site.

  2. Two Lenses Says:

    The last sentence of this post says that trip owners can delete comments on their trip, but I can’t see how. There are no ‘Delete’ buttons next to the comments, even in Edit mode.

    I accidentally typed the Description text into the Comment box on one of my routes (twice!), and I’d like to delete the comments.

  3. mtbguru Says:

    @TwoLenses: you’re right, there seems to be a bug at work. We’ll try to fix it asap…

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