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January 12, 2007

Mapping at Macworld

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Steve and friends were in town again, and they made sure everyone, in particular those attending CES in Vegas, would hear of it – we went for a quick visit to the Moscone Center to see if any interesting things are happening in the Mac world related to GPS and mapping.

Garmin of course announced the OS X version of Training Center, which was being showcased at their booth.
Garmin booth
Unfortunately, Training Center is the only thing available on OS X, for the much more useful MapSource there is still a wait.

Google had a pretty large booth, entirely focused on Google Earth and 3D drawing tool Sketchup:
Google booth
The Mac version of Google Earth was celebrating its first birthday here.

In pre-Google Earth times, 3D Weather Globe & Atlas by MacKiev Software was the ruling 3D mapping software – they’re still around, and offer for a yearly subscription a real-time data stream that contains for instance current weather information.

Garmin competitor Globalsat was showcasing a number of soon-to-be-released devices, one of which looked very much like Garmin’s Forerunner 301/305 model, a wrist watch GPS device targeting outdoor sports and fitness folks. They were teaming up with software makers Routebuddy, who’ve created a nice mapping tool for OS X – it would even be nicer if it would support a standard output format such as GPX; they promised me that was coming soon.

There was of course only one star on this show:

iPhoneiPhone demo 2
The iPhone’s excellent screen looks perfectly fit to display maps. In fact, it looks so good that I’m quite disappointed that the thing doesn’t have a GPS built in – as I was getting a bit carried away imagining this:

iPhone on bar

Endo’s could become expensive though…

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