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December 14, 2006

Publish your own map

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A new feature, and we like to think it’s a real cool one: you can now easily publish maps on your own website or blog. It just takes a second or two and a copy and paste operation.

If you have a trip on MTBGuru that you’d like to share using your own website or blog, insert a snippet of code and tadaa – the map, including the GPS track and clickable picture thumbnails magically appears on your site!

Let’s try it for instance here, using our ride in Annadel; this is the code:

<iframe src="http://www.mtbguru.com/trip/iframe/88?width=500px&height=500px" 
width="510px" height="565px" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" 

and this is the result:

(doesn’t work yet in Safari but it does in most other browsers)

The map is fully zoomable, can be dragged etc like a regular Google map. And clicking the camera icons shows the picture thumbnails (if you then click on a thumbnail your browser will point you to a higher resolution version of the photo).

You can just copy and paste this code; it’s on the bottom of each trip page in MTBGuru, look for the item that says ‘Publish Map’. It even works for posts on forums, for instance see this thread on mtbr.

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    [...] Embedding a trip map on your own website or blog has become a quite popular feature. To do this, you insert a snippet of HTML code (an ‘iframe’) which is listed on each trip page onto your own site. [...]

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