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December 8, 2006

Intermittent outages

Filed under: Admin — mtbguru @ 11:36 am

We’re experiencing intermittent outages this morning (morning in the Pacific US, evening in Greenwich/Europe) – we’re working on it and investigating the possible causes. Our apologies for any inconvenience!

: everything should be running fine now, we’re still investigating the causes of the problem. Note that absolutely no data has been lost, this was strictly a problem with the web server.

Update 2: the problem seems to have reoccured – we’ll keep you posted when we got everything sorted out! Sorry for the down time.

Update 3: the problem seems related to picture processing. We’ve suspended picture processing for the time being. Everything else should be working, but please be aware that you temporarily won’t see any new pictures that you upload – thanks for your patience and we’re trying to fix things as soon as possible.

Update 4: we should have stuck with our first thought ;) – it is more than likely a problem with the web server and web host, an acute case of growing pains. We have found a patch for it and everything seems to be working again – picture processing is up and running again. We’ll continue to test and monitor things, please bear with us in case the problems would resurface.

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