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December 7, 2006

Hyperlocal and yellow cards

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Ben Barren (‘RSS’ing down under’) illustrates most of his writings with photos of either beautiful women or nice cars – so we were honored to see our little splashscreen image liven up this post, in which he writes some kind words about us. He mentions being a fan of ‘hyperlocal’, the general lack of localized photo communities and efforts in that area such as ours and Plazes.net.

Thinking about it, this lack was indeed something that was central at the conception of MTBGuru – we wanted a quick, easy, intuitive way to share our photos, GPS data, maps and descriptions/comments of the outdoor trips (biking, hiking) we were undertaking with our friends – in the context of the *trip*, i.e. a location and time, because that defines what we’re sharing. The whole thing would then become something like a living memory of that trip. Our web app intends to be the glue that keeps all the stuff together. We are now hosting all photos on our server, something we decided to do more out of practical considerations than anything else, but we are looking into integrating photos from Flickr/Picasa – it shouldn’t really matter where the photos are stored.

In completely unrelated news, these yellow magnet cards to tag drivers who come obnoxiously close when you’re on the bike are really cool. It would almost make cycling on narrow and busy roads entertaining again.

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