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November 29, 2006

Get more out of your map

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The map on which your trip is displayed contains more information than just your route and photo stops: try for instance checking the ‘Miles’ or ‘KM’s’ checkboxes (see screenshot below).

  • You’ll notice a red ‘pushpin’ (the balloon marker) that marks your starting point – this can be for instance a convenient way to indicate a meeting place to your friends if you want to do this trip again.
  • Mile or KM markers: the green markers are your virtual milestones (blue for kilometers). Hover your mouse over them to display the mileage number at that point.
  • Directionality: you’ll notice that the mile or KM markers are displayed in varying shades of green and blue: they change from light – closest to the starting point – to dark – closer to the finish. Hereby you get a quick idea of the directions in which trails or track segments were done by just glimpsing at the map.
  • On the map we now also indicate any other existing public trips which are nearby the current trip – you’ll see these indicated by their activity marker icons shown on the map. If you don’t want to see these nearby trips, just uncheck the activity marker checkboxes below the map.

Finally, note that by default we are displaying Google maps’ street view, but you can always look at the satellite imagery and ‘hybrid’ view by clicking the buttons on the right top corner of the map.

map mile marker screenshot

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