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September 21, 2006

Name change!

Filed under: Admin — mtbguru @ 8:21 pm

One of the benefits of not having ‘officially’ launched yet: it’s easy to change things on the fly. We just altered the name of the site from Ridecast to MTBGuru, and all Ridecast references and logos have been adjusted.

Why? Well, the large majority of current rides on the site are MTB rides; we want to keep things simple and focus in the beginning on one thing, in order not to dilute our concentration and effort. We’ve always seen the site as having potential for much more than just mountain biking and we still do, but in the end it’s better to start small, be consistent, build something up and then grow. That being said, we encourage everyone to upload whatever rides or trips they undertake, be it MTB rides, road rides, hikes, motorcycle rides etcetera. This change is really just a nomenclature thing and an effort to be self-consistent. Ridecast.com still redirects to mtbguru.com but we’ll reserve the name ‘Ridecast’ for more encompassing use.

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